Your works don’t have to be perfect. It’s not about creating a perfect, well crafted piece of art, It’s what the work says that matters. It’s what you see and how it makes you feel.

It could be your favorite beauty spot and the sun is shining or it could be that it’s not and pouring with rain.

It could be that all of a sudden a bus full of tourists shows up. And you thought you had the place to yourself.

These enjoyable and unenjoyable moments can be captured in any medium you want to work with. We welcome drawing, sculpture, painting, collage and mixed media but for the online gallery we can only accept digital copies.

We would like to have a photographic image of your artwork, not the original version, so no need to post us anything!


When Taking Photographs or Recording Video

A point to remember when using photography, if there are people in your picture, is always be considerate and respectful. You must have permission to use the photo from anybody featured in your picture.

If you don’t have permission then you could take your photograph from behind with them facing away. Your favorite spot might be a restaurant with friends or family. Keep the shot close and make the picture about your friends or family.

A very important point is that if your picture has children in it, we must have permission from the parent or guardian for every child featured.

There are many articles on the web that can help you in understanding where, what, who you can photograph and under what circumstance. You can read more about UK Photographers Rights from


When Uploading

We can accept most common photo and video types up to 20 megabytes. See submission form for more details.

You will also be able to write a short description to further explain the moment.


When Editing

You can use photo editing software like Photoshop or gimp to enhance your imagery as long as the final image is all your own work.

Please don’t use images you don’t have the copyright for as we will be unable to accept your submissions.


Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement for Submitting and Use of Work

All entries must be your original work and must not infringe the rights of anyone else.

If you use images that are not your own, you MUST have copyright permission from the copyright holder to do so.

You will need permission from people to use their image in photos and video clips as part of this project.

You must not have broken any laws in taking photographs or video clips (for more information on the legal issues relating to taking photos and videos please read about UK Photographers Rights from

You will keep copyright of the photos or video clips you send in but in uploading the work you are agreeing to let Autism Initiatives publish and exhibit the photos or video clips in different ways. We might use your photo in a display or on a website, videos, social networking sites, galleries, and publications.

Autism Initiatives may edit video clips and use them with other video clips in longer films, and we may crop and adjust the size and quality of any photographs, so we can use them again.

There is no payment made for uploading work.

By entering, you will have agreed to these rules.



How do I take part?

From May 6th. until September 15th, we would like you to make two images or video clips (maximum of 60 seconds) and submit them to us via our website. If you have made two pieces of artwork, we would like you to photograph or video your work and submit them via the website.

The two images should capture the following:

“What’s the best thing about today?”

“What’s the worst thing about today?”

Unfortunately, we cannot use anything sent by post.


Who can take part?

Anyone adult (16+) who has an autism spectrum condition and is living in Scotland can take part in Autism: Life in Colour.


How do I submit my images /videos?

You can submit your photos and video files by uploading them directly to the website. The facility for doing this is available until September 15th. Clicking on the Submit! Button will allow you to upload your work and a brief description, and send them straight to us!


What submissions formats are allowed?

You can submit jpg or PNG image files, and MP4, .mov or .avi video files

Note that JPG is not jpg, the capital letters mean a change the format type.


How big can my files be?

There is a 20MB limit for each upload, for video files that is about a 60 second limit in quicktime format, slightly more in mp4 but this may result in a lower quality file.


Can I be in the image / video?

Yes. We are particularly keen to see images of people taking part in, talking about or with the things that are the best and worst thing about their day.


Where will my photos and videos be used?

Images from Autism:Life in Colour 2017 will feature in a number of projects:

The images and stories behind them will be posted on our online gallery, here on this website.

An exhibition of selected pairs of images will be displayed later in the year.

An analysis of the themes of images submitted will be fed into the Scottish Government to help understanding of everyday life with autism.


When is the deadline for submitting my photos / videos?

Your photos or videos should be taken and submitted between the May 6th. and September 15th.


How do I support someone with autism to take part?

We encourage carers and support staff to help people with autism take part in this project. Friends and family members can get involved. It may be that you help them take a picture or take the picture for them.

Details will be on the submission form if you are submitting an entry for someone you support or contact us if you have any questions.