Autism:Life in Colour 2017



Welcome to Autism:Life in Colour 2017- an autistic-led project aimed at encouraging and showcasing autistic talent and creativity in Scotland.

Autism: Life in Colour is open to any autistic adult, at any level of ability, living in Scotland. The project focuses on sharing images, empowering autistic creativity and identity, and communicating with the wider community through art.

We ask participants to submit two pictures or scans of artwork, or photographs, that visually represent:

The best part of a day?

The worst part of a day?

The project aims to nurture the development of an autistic artistic community in Scotland, to support and empower autistic individuals in finding their creative voice and in using art to communicate the value of a neurodiverse society to the wider community.


This year we will be running several workshops in different parts of the country with Sonny Hallett our resident artist. We’ll be kicking off in May with some workshops in Edinburgh, Perth and Inverness, along with online information and support. Check the Workshop Page for places and dates. These will be updated as the Project progresses. You can also follow the progress of the Project on our Facebook page where you will also be able to get support and advice from Sonny Hallett.

Submissions will start May 6th and run through to September 15th.



Check out the Information Page for our GuidelinesTerms and Conditions and FAQs.